Accentt Marble offers 13 colors and five edge styles to choose from, at our base price. There are numerous other colors, outside of the standard group, to choose from as well.


What Is Granite?

Granite is an igneous (molten) rock that contains feldspar, quartz and mica, creating an extremely hard and durable stone. 

Fortunately, granite is an abundant product in nature and is highly desirable in residential & commercial applications.


Use Of Granite

Granite is an ideal product for use in indoor and outdoor applications such as:

  • Bath, Kitchen and Utility Countertops
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Fireplace Fronts
  • Window Sill and Wall Caps
  • Commercial Desktops


Granite Thickness

Granite slabs for fabricating the above are available in 2-cm (3/4") and 3-cm (1 x") thick. The 3-cm is most desired for appearance and strength and 2-cm for wall cladding applications. 1-cm (3/8") thick tile is available in limited sizes and colors.


Granite Surfaces

Polished granite is most widely used, but many other surface finishes such as, honed, flamed or leather finishes are available in limited colors. All natural stone has surface imperfections such as small inclusions, fissures and stress fractures therefore requiring sealing for use in food preparation areas.